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GIRARD de LANGLADE , Périgord , France (i)


GIRARD de LANGLADE ! What to say about GIRARD de LANGLADE ?
"At the time that destroys everything, man responds with the image" (Michel Tournier)
"This is a terrible name that is associated with a shield"
Are all descendants of a common ancestor named GIRARD de LANGLADE ( Périgord , France (i))?
The origin of the name GIRARD de LANGLADE is not a personification of chance or a pagan deity rival Fortune or Fate.
In truth, the GIRARD de LANGLADE , also wrote the story in the shadow of the great characters, and the arms GIRARD de LANGLADE is not enough to explain the reasons for your interest.
All pictures GIRARD de LANGLADE , in the passage of time, symbolize the permanence of GIRARD de LANGLADE in history and the seal of GIRARD de LANGLADE and seals, the charter of the "mortal immortal" human position ...?
Preconceived opinion, blind judgment on heraldry GIRARD de LANGLADE . A disastrous prejudice inherited from the Revolution, left thinking that the arms were the preserve of the nobility. The nobles were not the only ones to have their faces, and the states, cities, provinces, corporations, clergy, laity, commoners, etc.. had their arms. Nowadays, all persons who wish, can wear and wear a shield.
Too often, heraldry is considered a discipline is dominated by aristocratic pretensions, either symbolic or esoteric concerns, either by the "bling bling" effect. In fact, Auxiliary history, it identifies a family, a person, in addition to give a "marital status" to many objects: artwork, antiques, dishes, books, etc. while. dating them.
GIRARD de LANGLADE "right image".
Everyone can find his name has left a "right image" comes to us from antiquity, and is called in Roman law, the privilege owned originally by the patricians alone expose, under atrium of their home, their own image and those of their ancestors. In some cases, broke the images of their ancestors and they were thrown to the ground to trample. This is what we did later to the arms of the nobles who had earned the degradation and loss of their reputations.
GIRARD de LANGLADE - Périgord - France (i)
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